#ootw: Weekend Getaway

Hello Imbeauties!

I’m coming off a wonderful weekend getaway, and I’m still feeling inspired by versatile easy-to-wear style. We chose to spend our mini vacation at French Lick Resort again, and it is fast becoming one of my favorite places. It is super fancy in a totally unpretentious way. If you want to see some photos of this incredible place, check out my previous post.

When traveling, I absolutely hate over-packing. I just can’t stand carrying around a ton of extra stuff. I tend to be a minimalist in everyday life too, but for some reason traveling really brings out my need for simplicity. On that note, I decided to wear just one piece of jewelry that would work with each outfit I packed. Enter the new Astral Pearl Earrings:

Astral Pearl Earrings- $27

To be honest, These have been my go-to piece for the last week. I’m not super fussy when it comes to my jewelry (if you couldn’t already tell by my designs), so I really love pieces that make a clean simple statement. I’m obviously a Sagittarius, but these can be customized with any sign of the zodiac! I have been wearing the heck out of these because I can’t seem to find any outfit they don’t complement. I also love them because I can switch out the astral earring back for a plain one to turn these into a pair of plain 6mm pearl studs.

I think we can all agree that comfy cozy pieces are the best to travel in. While I already own plenty of pieces that fit this bill, I really wish I had owned this dress before this weekend:

Destination Determinant Knit Dress

from: ModCloth

There is something about comfy knits that just can’t be beat. This dress would travel perfectly, whether by car or by plane. I’ll definitely be getting one, and you’ll definitely catch me wearing it with my Astral Pearl Earrings, winged eyeliner, and nude lip!

Apparently I have a thing for grey knit dresses, because this would definitely be my pick for day 2 of a weekend trip. This dress is polished enough for a nice lunch but comfy enough to travel. What’s not to love?

Warm Cider Sweater Dress in Ash

from: ModCloth

If you don’t have pierced ears (or just don’t like to wear earrings), I highly recommend the Astral Lariat with these looks too! It matches just about anything, and came in a close second to my earrings for my weekend trip.

Astral Lariat- $28

This necklace is similar to the Custom Charm Lariat. It is adjustable to 16″, 18″, or 20″ long, all without annoying extender chains! Like the Astral Pearl Earrings, this necklace can be customized to represent any sign of the zodiac. It is absolutely one of my favorite everyday pieces!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Modcloth and 100% Pure. I would also never shill for a company or product I wouldn’t use and love anyway 🙂