#ootw: Tea and a Top Knot

Handmade Gold Virgo Lariat. This Astral lariat by Imbue by JRusso can be customized in silver or gold with any sign of the zodiac.

Tea and a Top Knot

Hello Imbeauties!

Like most of the people in the Midwest, I’ve been dreaming of Fall. Summer is usually my favorite time of year, but for some reason I’ve been really looking forward to sweater weather!

Fall is a super busy time for me. My weekends are usually spent at holiday fairs either as a vendor or customer (sometimes both!). I love the creative vibe of lots of small-scale artists, not to mention I always find the most meaningful gifts! The days I spend at these shows are super long, I usually start at about 6am and don’t get home until about 4pm. I love every minute, but I definitely appreciate a comfy, but still stylish, look. My favorite accessories on these days are my Tea and a Top Knot (hence the name of this look)!

For this look, I’ll be styling one of my new favorites:


Astral Lariat

This necklace is super light and comfortable, which makes it perfect for a long day. Sometimes I find that statement necklaces are great for Instagram, but wearing them all day just gets exhausting. This one is the best of both worlds!

The Rest of the Outfit:

Like I said before, I absolutely love cozy casual looks. I’m big on style, but even bigger on comfort. My ideal fall outfit usually includes some sort of cozy sweater, skinny jeans (read: jeggings), and comfy shoes.

The Sweater:

I absolutely love the easy fit of this sweater. It’s light enough to wear inside, but full enough to cover with on a blustery Fall day. I like to wear sweaters like this with a plain white cami underneath until it gets really cold!


Simply Snuggly Plaid Cardigan in Woodland

from: ModCloth

The Shoes:

Story Time: I’m a vegan. I also love shoes. I’m also picky about the shoes I’ll wear (I hate cheap-looking shoes). Since I don’t wear animals skins, I get really excited when I find a pair of vegan-friendly flats that don’t look like plastic. You’ll definitely find me wearing these come Fall…

Turn Back Prime Vegan Flat in Marigold

from: ModCloth

I tend to be really low key with my makeup, especially when I’m working or shopping at a craft fair. I like to keep it super clean, pretty, and neutral. I’ll be pairing this look with a pretty pink lip, neutral eye makeup, and lots of mascara. If I’m really tired I’ll even put a little bit of brightening eyeliner in the corners of my eyes!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Modcloth and 100% Pure. I would also never shill for a company or product I wouldn’t use and love anyway 🙂